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Bespoke Digital Footprints

Pixel the grasshopper is our resident mascot. He represents your journey with our website design company by creatively translating your ideas

As a grasshopper, Pixel can show us the way via his own  process of metamorphosis which involves three stages.

Graphic design services, local SEO services, innovative email campaigns, and custom WordPress web design,

but let’s start from the beginning.



Pixel will start his life as an egg, with no definition of who he is or will become — his identity is still in formation.

This is the essence of brand development: crafting an identity for your business that presents itself as the face and personality of the company.



In the spring, grasshoppers hatch into their nymph stage, where they are out in the world but have not grown their wings yet. With our web design offerings, Pixel Forest begins fashioning your own pair of digital wings to soar above your online competitors.



Tell your story

Pixel can now live up to his full potential as a fully-fledged adult. We ensure that your mature brand presents its fully developed potential to the world.

What It's like working with us

Pixel Forest’s flexible process makes working with us an easy experience. We cater to your personal process and walk with you every step of the way.

Our approach is open-ended and catered to engage with your individual needs


We lay a strong foundation for your new design through extensive research. We get inside your audience’s head, study your industry domain, and start creating the first design sketches.

Designing and developing

This is when the magic happens. We repeat this phase, gradually creating and delivering your new design in cycles, allowing your developers to build the product sooner.

Launch & Manage

After launching your design product, you need a way to be discovered and a place for your product to stay. We take care of your online growth while you focus on your business growth.

Online Reflections

Why Customisation Matters

While we have a specific idea of what websites should look like, this is not a case of “copy and paste.”

We need to be more malleable in approaching projects because the online world is a space of endless mirrors and reflections, one of which is your website–your brand.


has been pigeonholed as “needs” and “wants,” but identity plays an integral role when looking for a service or product. Individuals base their decisions on what they feel reflects their identity, and you need to become that mirror.

Your Brand

is built around creating a mirror for your possible clients. From the colours to the content, the design, the products, and even the tone of voice. You want your clients to see themselves in your brand.