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About Us

We at PixelForest, bridge the gap between your ideas and the real world while providing you with what you need to get your concept online.

From Humble beginnings

Our journey started when PixelForest founders, Michelle Nobelis and Nikki Da Conceição, realised there was more to achieve than working their regular 9 to 5 jobs.

Their successes helped to identify the need to assist small and medium local and international businesses grow to compete against larger corporate organisations.

And thus, in 2018, their dream passion project PIXELFOREST was born.

Why We do What We do?

Our break-free from the reign of the dull concrete jungle has given us the opportunity to grow our PixelForest in an environment more scenic and giving. Small businesses, in general, cannot bear the cost of a professional website and brand, leaving them with no alternative but to settle for inferior quality service and products. Our knowledge gained from creating and developing for larger organisations have enabled us to cultivate an affordable solution with products and services that flow to where the needs of our clients go.

We Make Your Ideas Work

We embrace the mind and thought process of an entrepreneur, having noticed that they have no shortage of good ideas. It’s how you take that idea to the market which makes all the difference.

Furthering Skills And Development

As a team with a combined vision of improving our client’s online presence, we’re continually adding and improving our services to give people the tools needed to aid any business to succeed.

Building Up Client Knowledge

Knowledge is best when it’s shared. We provide our clients with the abilities and skills to do what we do. With our training and guidance, they learn to use the same tools we use to do it themselves.

Have You Met Pixel?

You may have noticed our mascot and lucky charm Pixel the grasshopper, making its appearance on our website.

Pixel is a whimsical representation of your complete digital experience. He represents your journey with us by taking your ideas and translating them creatively.

As a grasshopper enters different phases of its lifecycle, so does your business. Their lifecycle is much like the one your business will take in our full-service ecosystem.

Luck, abundance, courageousness, resourcefulness, insight, and creativity can all be related to grasshoppers. So, as grasshoppers do, allow us to offer you our courage, resources, insight, and creativity so that you may receive abundantly.